Muriel Nicot

offers a gentle yoga, turned towards the interior, active on the muscular chains, the organs and the nervous system ... Gradually you free yourself from stress, tensions and annoyances in order to regenerate yourself. Through her very diverse training, she teaches Hatha yoga with the goal of harmony of body, mind and emotions.

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Clementine Tomas

works on other massage techniques across other cultures. She practices M5C massage (massages from 5 continents) which is a synergy between several massage techniques from around the world: Lomi Lomi, Californian, Swedish, Tuina, Acupressure and Ayurvedic, as well as LHL (Life-Head-Lift) a lifting massage of the face which stimulates reflex points on the face, promotes drainage and modeling.

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Sara Gil Prata

makes you live and share an experience allowing you to reconnect with your body, your senses, your mind and find your balance. Reiki allows the body to relax, which also forces the mind to let go. The energy finds passages, bridges of circulation and eliminates emotional blockages inscribed in the memory of the body.

For a session with Sara, please contact the reservation department: 01 42 84 70 00 /