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Régis d’Audeville Exhibition

Hôtel Pont Royal, Paris




Régis d’Audeville

Painter & Photographer


The hotel Pont Royal welcomes painter & photographer Régis d'Audeville for his exhibition from October 13th to February 29th, 2020.


Régis d'Audeville, painter and self-taught photographer, works in Paris, and in the country of Retz, near Pornic, Brittany. Born in France in 1958, he lived in Lebanon and the Netherlands. He started as a set assistant working for the press, fashion and advertising. He attends notably Dominique Isserman, Peter Lindbergh and Olivero Toscani. Then he worked for several years alongside Chico and Linde Bialas (pictures and ads).

He became independent in 1987.

In April 1989 he photographed 1,000 m from the Berlin Wall.

From 1990 to 2012, he is the official photographer of La Rochelle Cinema Festival.

In 2005, it covers the reopening of La Cinémathèque Française in Bercy. He will stay there for 3 years. He was the photographer of the Grand Prix des Scénaristes and the Lumiere Awards awarded by the foreign press.

The autochromes of the nineteenth century, I. Penn, R. Avedon, A. Kertész, J-F. Lartigue, R. Doisneau, Cartier-Bresson H., J-L. Sieff, Gilbert & Georges are sources of inspiration.

And painters such as Gauguin, V. van Gogh, D. Rousseau, Turner, F. Bacon, D. Hockney, Richter, JonOne.

Parallel to his activity as a professional photographer (portraits, events, personal works), his current pictorial research focuses on the impact of colors, their vibrations, and the rhythm that emerges from them.

The ink, the acrylic, the pigments are projected, directly or with a knife, on the linen cloth.


“With his passion for the visual world and his different forms of expression, Régis d'Audeville knows how to extract a real positive dynamic from his environment. His painting expresses particularly the vivacious movement that drives his creativity. It brings back energy that explodes out of context and transports you into a dimension in perpetual excitement."

«Thierry Bretodeau»