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  • 14/02/2019 - Robin K. 88/100

    Just returned from three days in this terrific hotel. Perfect location, above average size rooms! lovely presentation, clean and upscale, delightful staff great breakfast and a wonderful experience.

  • 11/02/2019 - Sally S. 99/100

    Hotel Pont Royal always provides welcome, comfort, and pleasure. The staff are friendly, professional, and helpful. The location is convenient.

  • 06/01/2019 - Julie H. 100/100

    Truly excellent. Room 209 is a junior suite woth 2 rooms and perfect for me and my daughter and son. Great location!!

  • 04/01/2019 - Marc joseph F. 100/100

    Wonderful place. Great location. Everyone was super pleasant. Plan to return.

  • 04/01/2019 - Sunail R. 85/100

    While the hotel employees provided great service, I am very surprised that this is a 5 star hotel. Although I do not have any specific complaints, the general quality of the hotel does not seem 5 star to me. I had booked a suite but due to unforeseen circumstances, we had to change our travel plans and arrive a day later than originally antiicpated, The hotel was unable to change our original booking and instead, we had to cancel our original booking and book a standard room because it was the only other room avaibale at that time. They said they could not make any changes wihtout approval from the hotel manager who would not be available until Monday (this happened late Friday night). Our check in was Sunday so we figured we could talk to the manager once we arrived, but once we got there, the hotel was at capacity and we had to make do with a standard room. I know hotel room's in Europe are on the small size, which is why I had booked a suite. A 5 star hotel would not have told us to call back 3 days later to resolve a current issue. Other than the room, the staff were all courteous, polite and helpful.

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