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  1. What is a cookie?


As part of the commitment made by the Pont-Royal Hotel to ensure the protection of your personal data, the company details theuse of data processed through cookies and tracers applied on this website (hereinafter "the site").


The Pont-Royal Paris Hotel attaches great importance to the protection of personal data throughout all its activities, and thus complies with all applicable regulations on the subject. The terms mentioned below in capital letters correspond to those defined in the European Regulation on the protection of personal data and the The terms mentioned below in capital letters correspond to those defined in the European Regulation on the protection of personal data as well as to all the legal provisions and recommendations applied in French law with regard to cookies and other tracers.


A cookie is a small text file deposited and saved in the directories of the browser used by your computer, tablet or any other mobile equipment with Internet connectivity. Cookies can be deposited on your terminal equipment when you use a website or an application, and can have several purposes such as the functioning and accessibility to application, generating statistics and evaluating the performance of the application, measuring browsing activity on the application, or for commercial and marketing purposes.


  1. What are the purposes with the deposit of cookies on the application?


Purpose n°1: To ensure the functioning of the application for the benefit of users


In order to ensure the functioning and efficiency of the technical and visual components of the Application, the deposit of the related Cookies is programmed in the user's terminal equipment as soon as he/she visits it. These Cookies lead to ensure the navigation on the Application and their non-application could lead to malfunctioning. The necessary Cookies applied by the Pont-Royal Hotel may allow to

  • Record choices in terms of language preferences,
  • Allow the functioning of the tools dedicated to the contractual and commercial action on the Application.

These cookies only identify the user's terminal equipment in order to recognize it among all the browsing sessions carried out on the Application, but are not able to directly identify the user.


Purpose n°2: To carry out statistics and measure the audience on the Application


Performance cookies collect information about the use of the site by users, lead to the production of anonymous statistics and measure the audience and traffic on the site. The Pont-Royal Hotel uses these statistics, audience measurements and performance indicators in order to optimize the content published on the site and to evaluate its efficiency in the context of the user experience.

The use of these cookies does not allow the identification of the user. Furthermore, no link is technically made between the data from these cookies and other data files.


Purpose N°3: To propose personalized contents and to carry out marketing and advertising actions

Cookies dedicated to tracking practices and advertising actions collect information about browsing activity on websites other than the one published by the Pont-Royal Hotel. The editor proposes the application of cookies of a commercial and marketing nature in order to propose advertising content adapted to the profile that has been analyzed concerning the user, but also to limit the proposal of similar advertisements and to measure the effectiveness of the various advertising actions.

The use of these cookies allows the identification of the user's terminal equipment and the tracking of the user's browsing path on other websites. This information may be shared with third parties such as business partners or advertisers.



  1. What framework is applied to the deposit of Cookies on the website of the Pont-Royal hotel


The information of the users


Article 82 of the French Data Protection Act of January 6, 1978, as amended, requires that the site editor provideall the information on the nature and the methods of execution of the Treatments of personal data carried out thanks to the cookies.


The following information components are therefore put in place to ensure clear and complete knowledge of the said Processing:


  • A Cookies banner proposed to the user when he/she enters the site, indicating the presence of cookies, the different categories and their purposes, as well as theA Cookies banner is displayed when the user enters the site, indicating the presence of cookies, the different categories and their purposes, as well as the link to this Policy, a reference document on the Processing carried out using cookies,


  • The Privacy Policy of the site, allowing the user to find all the information concerning the Processing of Personal Data in a more global vision, but applicable to the use of cookies.



Consideration of consent and management of preferences


Users can define their preferences through the cookies they wish to have applied to their terminal equipment. The preference management tool offers a solution that allows for the selection of cookies on an individual basis, in order to meet the consent requirements. The Pont-Royal Hotel must in fact collect the consent of users before setting any cookie dedicated to storing or accessing information present on the terminal equipment.


The preference management tool offered on the site allows the selection of cookies desired by the user upon entering the site.


For any other question relating to the management of cookies and the use of data in this context, do not hesitate to contact the Pont-Royal Hotel under the conditions identified in the Privacy Policy, and in particular by e-mail at the following address:

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